outdoor security camera system reviews 2015

Lisa said I would need to call 1800 number to change that. She wasn’t able to change that, and all I need is a 4 digit passcode when I needed to speak to someone regarding my digital life servicecould barely understand. This lady instead of apoligizing first about the my issue, she went on talking about what I was signed up for and how great the service was. I was so fed up at the moment, that ATandT wasn’t taking the accountibility that their sales associate was mis representing the service and the cost, I asked to canceled the service. She put me and my friend on hold for a very long time, and my friend and I discussed how this woman didn’t even apologize for the mistake, and when she came back to the line, she apologized for the sales associate at the store and informed us that our service was canceled. Miss leading pricing. Some of the most the performance, effectiveness and usability of seven security with an alarm company.

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Vivint is a home security system.


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